Not A Joke: Fox Want To Make An Action Movie About Stan Lee In The 1970s

If you’re a filmmaker, writer, or even someone who’s casually daydreamed about making movies at some point, let’s play a little game. Think of the dumbest idea you ever had for a movie. One that, for a moment of madness, seemed like it could be the one you pursued, and then in the cold light of day, you realized was an astoundingly stupid concept for a film. Got it? Good. Hold it in your mind. Dwell on it for a second.

The good news is, it’s not as dumb as the idea that The Hollywood Reporter say 20th Century Fox is currently pursuing, which is launching an action-adventure franchise with Stan Lee as the main character. Not cameoing, as he’s done in almost every movie based on a character from Marvel, the company he helped to make legendary, but as the main character, a swinging superspy type.

The trade reports that Mary Bowen and Wyck Godfrey, producers of “Twilight” and “Power Rangers,” have paired with Fox to buy Lee’s life rights, but not to make a biopic, but an action franchise that they’re comparing to “Kingsman” and Roger Moore-era Bond (the worst era of Bond, let’s not forget).

In the 1970s, Lee (who was already in his 50s by then) stopped writing comics to become a full-time figurehead for the company, and to get Marvel characters made into films and TV shows (mostly unsuccessfully). Why this era appeals to the ‘filmmakers’ isn’t quite clear, but this is presumably meant to be a sort of “Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind”-type premise, with Lee fighting villains and whatnot.

Lee’s a fascinating figure, and one who undoubtedly changed the course of pop culture, and an honest, warts-and-all biopic could be something interesting. But unless this turns him into a costumed hero whose superpower is taking credit for the work of others, we doubt this’ll dig into what’s most interesting about him. Anyway, no writers have yet been hired, but good luck to those who end up with the gig. Bryan Cranston is presumably waiting by the phone for the offer to play Lee.