– Canadian actress, turned director Sarah Polley may have more intergrity in her thumb than most of us have in our entire bodies. She turned down the female lead in “The Bourne Identity” and the role of grande dame groupie in “Almost Famous” (the latter went on to make Kate Hudson a tabloid star) basically because they didn’t “feel right.” However, the lefty socialist realized some of her punk-rock ideals were making her “boring, dogmatic [and] narrow.” Her directorial debut coaxes ’60s icon Julie Christie out of retirement. [NYTimes]
– Jodie Foster will play Hitler’s propaganda filmmaker, Leni Riefenstahl in an upcoming biopic. Potentially lionizing a known anti-semite? Prepare for controversy. [Guardian]
– Lawrence Olivier said Marlon Brando was a better actor than he in the fantastic-looking TCM documentary that airs tonight.[NYTimes]
– The “Fantastic Four” full-length sequel trailer has nerds all up in a tizzy. It looks as equally preposterously CGI’d and soulless as the first one.
– “Fight Club” writer, Chuck Palahniuk’s “Choke” has been green-lit for film production. Sam Rockwell is set to star, and first-timer, actor Clark Gregg will be directing. Palahniuk claims the mother role will go to either Glenn Close, Annette Benning or Juliana Moore.
Goonies actress Martha Plimpton talks to Feist. Her always-inclusive producer, Gonzalez says, “There are so many insipid female singer/songwriters and a lot of them have inferior instruments and also an attitude that is sort of playing into the cliché of how a girl is supposed to be … some kind of victim. Feist seems to make you think of the time before that existed.” To work with her, he says, is “like setting things right.”[MTV]
– The incredibly unreliable British press is reporting the umpteenth Blur reunion with guitarist Graham Coxon. We’ll pretend the last five years of false reports didn’t happen. [NME]
– Nerds are rejoicing. Warner Bros. have snatched up the film rights to comics doyen Frank Miller‘s “Ronin.” [Variety]