Rutger Hauer Doesn't Get 'Blade Runner 2049'

Some of the gang is getting back together for “Blade Runner 2049,” with at least Harrison Ford and Edward James Olmos returning from the original film to star in Denis Villeneuve‘s sequel. However, one face you won’t see is Rutger Hauer. The actor’s terrific turn as Roy Batty is one of the highlights of Ridley Scott‘s classic sci-fi, but quite obviously, having been killed off, he won’t be rolling into the followup. Even with all that said, he still doesn’t get the whole reason why a followup is headed to the big screen.

“It surprises me that they revisited it at all. It doesn’t matter if it’s right after or 10 years later… I don’t know what that’s about,” he told Digital Spy. “I’ll see the movie and see what it is. I think I know what [the story] is and I’ll be surprised if it wasn’t… and it would be probably a nice surprise!”

Well, one reason they’re doing this is Ridley Scott, who has made it clear he wants to franchise the movie, but the idea for making a sequel has been kicking around for a couple of decades. At one point Scott was going to direct it himself before passing the reins to Villeneuve, and don’t forget, “Blade Runner” and “Prometheus” now share a universe (sort of).

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In the end, Hauer is pretty philosophical about it all, though he’d never roll the dice on making a sequel to a near-perfect movie.

“It’s a free market – people can do it if they buy the rights. But if something is really good, I would never try it, because it’s like you’re digging a hole for yourself, and why would you want to do that?” he said.

“Blade Runner 2049” opens on October 6th.