You gotta love an actress like Sean Young at the very least cause they make for great copy. Best known as the gorgeous replicant Rachel in “Blade Runner” and the female lead in the ’80s Kevin Costner thriller, “No Way Out,”Young ruined her promising career in the early ’90s with a bunch of stunts that earned her the dreaded and immutable reputation of being “difficult to work with.”

Young’s Jihad of Terror
To say the least. Excelling at rubbing people the wrong way, Young apparently irritated director Oliver Stone so badly on the set of “Wall Street,” that he wrapped her scenes early and had her dropped off at a bus station. In 1998, she starred in “The Boost” with James Woods and basically started stalking him after the film so badly, Woods sued her for harrassment (he called her nutty campaign against his wife and family a “jihad of terror”). Then she got kicked off of “Dick Tracy” for not appearing “maternal enough” in the dailies. This was probably a diplomatic way for the filmmakers to kick her off the movie and Young should have let it go, but made matters worse when Young accused Warren Beatty of firing her for turning down his advances. Then in 1992 she became the laughing stock of Hollywood when she stormed the Warner Bros. studios wearing a homemade Catsuit in a “disastrously ill-conceived” bid to convince the producers she’s be perfect for the part of Catwoman in the Tim Burton Batman sequel they were preparing. She was basically laughed off the lot and barely heard from again accept if you pay attention to straight to video thriller garbage that usually stars Patrick Bergin.

Everyone’s Fault But My Own
So this is a long preamble/backstory to her very recent interview in this week’s Entertainment Weekly. From minute one Young is like an unstoppable quote machine of hilarious and sad “my careers downturn was every one’s fault but my own” and misguided and delusional braggadocio.

The Charming Arrival
She arrives to the interview and ingratiates herself quickly with this gem, ”I don’t really like doing interviews. I’m so easy to make sound bad, but who’s going to fuck me over any more than they already have?”

Delusions of Grandeur
From there she complains that she could have been a serious acting contender (”I’m not Julia Roberts. And I could have been.”), doth protests loudly and repeatedly that every Hollywood altercation she ever had was not her fault (”the sin is not with me.”) and tries to laugh off an incident where she crashed the Vanity Fair Oscar party in 2006 and then got thrown out (“when you have nothing to lose, it’s really not that big of a deal.”)

But No She’s Not Bitter
Young basically laughs at movie studios for not casting her. In fact, the films suffer without her and it’s their loss. “Like the Diane Lane part in “Hollywoodland”? I said, ‘I don’t know why this bitch has my part!’ No, I love Diane Lane, I love Diane Lane. But it’s always another actress besides me. I mean, everybody always gets my part.”

Ok, Actually Her Derailed Career Is James Woods’ Fault
Young claims Woods lashed out at her when she shrugged off their on-set flirtation in 1987. Woods and his wife sued Young for $2 million dollars alleging her harassment included a disfigured doll left on his doorstep and couple’s expensive flower bed.

James Woods Reacts, His Lawyer Tries To Intervene
Woods is contacted by EW for this piece and he sends four nasty emails in four hours. His lawyer (who is cc’d on the emails) tries to do damage control by insisting all of Woods quotes remain unused aside from one he concocts (”These incidents took place over 20 years ago, and I have moved on and would suggest Ms. Young do the same.”). EW prints Woods emails anyhow.

Young then lashes out at a Dick Tracy casting agent and uses the end of the interview to call out George Clooney on the fact he hasn’t returned her phonecall about a movie idea. She also drops this gem as if she’s trying to guide the writer with an overall manifesto for the piece. ”I’m a comeback waiting to happen. No one deserves it more than I do. So what I would wish for me is good luck. Just a lot of good luck.”

Honey, George Clooney’s not going to call. Well there you have it. Sean Young: Still Crazy From The Hollywood Heat. Any chance at a comeback that might have been overdue have been put off for at least another decade.