If you’re prone to anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed, don’t go peeking at the schedule for filmmaker Taika Waititi. The director is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming comedy film, “Next Goal Wins,” while also prepping to begin production on his superhero sequel, “Thor: Love and Thunder.” In addition, he’s confirmed for an upcoming “Star Wars” film, two Netflix series based on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” a Showtime series with Jude Law, and maybe, possibly a live-action “Akira.” Oh, and then you have to add in the newest project, an HBO Max period comedy series based on the adventures of a wannabe pirate.

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That’s right, Taika Waititi is ready for an adventure at sea, as HBO Max announced that the filmmaker is set to produce and direct the pilot for the upcoming series, “Our Flag Means Death.” According to HBO Max, the series is “loosely based on the true adventures of Stede Bonnet, a pampered aristocrat who abandoned his life of privilege to become a pirate.”

Waititi is being joined by series creator and showrunner, David Jenkins, who previously worked on “People of Earth” and executive producers Garrett Basch and Dan Halsted.

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“A series concept like this jumps off the page and you can instantly envision every moment,” said Sarah Aubrey, head of original content, HBO MAX. “David and Taika’s unique take on Bonnet’s rollicking misadventures on the high seas, are sure to thrill and delight audiences everywhere.”

Obviously, with that schedule listed above, there’s no telling when “Our Flag Means Death” will arrive on HBO Max. However, the streamer did say that Waititi will begin work on the series after he concludes “Thor: Love and Thunder.” So, maybe he’ll work on it next year, and then the series will arrive in 2022? We shall see.