Tribeca Exclusive: Chilling Clip From Documentary 'Among The Believers'

Among the BelieversAs political rhetoric piles up about the fight against terror, discussion about the root causes of extremism, and how ideas take hold on impressionable minds, is often forgotten. Indeed, fundamentalism is a complex notion, but the upcoming documentary "Among The Believers" aims to unpack the questions around what drives this very specific strand of Islam.

Directed by Hemal Trivedi and Mohammed Ali Naqvi, the film centers on the Red Mosque, an organization in Pakistan that runs madrassas across the country and trains legions of children to devote their lives to jihad, or holy war. The film provides a firsthand look at how the radical side is building up its army as thousands of children pledge their allegiance to ISIS. And in this chilling clip, a young child already declares his desire to be a mujahid, and launches into a carefully rehearsed sermon.

"Among The Believers" screens tonight at Tribeca. Check out the clip below.