Watch: Extended Gucci Ad Starring Blake Lively Features Nicolas Winding Refn Cameo & More Staring Out Into Space

nullSo yes, Blake Lively and Nicolas Winding Refn collaborated and the result was an ad for Gucci, which you saw a month ago. But if those thirty seconds weren't enough, a director's cut has dropped featuring a full extra minute for all your luxury fragrance advertising needs.

And, unfortunately, there's not much more to it (sorry, Driver or One-Eye don't make any random appearances). Instead we got an almost absurd amount of time featuring Lively staring into the distance with her mouth slightly open. Riveting. And oh, there's Refn himself looking cool as fuck in a little cameo moment (he appears in the shorter version, though from behind and from a far distance).

So, it's no "Only God Forgives" but it's…something….right? Watch below.