Death Of Superman LivesJodorowksy’s Dune”—which, of course, focused on Alejandro Jodorowsky’s doomed “Dune” adaptation—was a riotous revelation that we instantly fell in love with (and ranked in our Best Documentaries Of 2014 So Far). Following in its footsteps is the Kickstarter-funded “The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?” and the documentary’s first trailer premiered at Comic-Con and is now available to watch in the comfort of your own home.

The Jon Schnepp-directed doc delves into the origins—and ultimate failure—of Tim Burton’s infamous Nicolas Cage-starring “Superman Lives” (check out our full feature on 4 Superman Movies That Were Never Made). Before shutting down, Burton’s film boasted the likes of Chris Rock (as Jimmy Olsen) and Kevin Smith (purely as the screenwriter), who looks to figure prominently in the documentary alongside Burton himself and other key members of the crew and production team.

While the visual style of the trailer is fairly rudimentary, the details about Burton’s lost film are interesting enough to make us interested in the documentary as a whole. Watch the trailer for “The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?” below. [Comic Book Movie]