Actor/Filmmaker Xavier Dolan Added To The Ever-Growing Cast Of 'IT Chapter Two'

We may not have any idea when we’ll see Xavier Dolan’sThe Death and Life of John F. Donovan,” but we do know where we’ll next see Dolan as an actor.

According to Deadline, Xavier Dolan has officially joined the cast of the upcoming blockbuster horror flick “IT Chapter Two.” If you’re familiar with the original Stephen King novel, then you’ll probably recognize the character that Dolan will portray in the film. The report says that Dolan will play Adrian Mellon, who in the source material is a gay man from Derry that was bullied. It shouldn’t be a total surprise that Dolan was added to the cast, as he tweeted last fall that “IT” was his “favorite film this century.”

Dolan isn’t the only addition to the film. The report also says that actor Will Beinbrink has signed on for the sequel to the massive 2017 film. Beinbrink will play Tom Rogan, who in the novel is the abusive husband of the adult Beverly. As you probably know, Beverly will be portrayed by Jessica Chastain in the new film.

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As mentioned above, Xavier Dolan is an actor and filmmaker that has written and directed a number of award-winning films, most notably “I Killed My Mother” and “It’s Only the End of the World.” His next film, the aforementioned ‘John F. Donovan,’ has been in production for well over a year and is believed to premiere later this year at one of the fall film festivals. ‘Donovan’ stars Natalie Portman, Kit Harrington, Jacob Tremblay, and Susan Sarandon. Interestingly enough, it was to star Jessica Chastain, but her role was cut in post-production.

There’s no word on how “IT Chapter Two” plans on ending the franchise. The first film focused solely on the children and became a worldwide phenomenon grossing $700 million. However, many fans are nervous about the sequel, as the adult portion of the novel tends to be the one that is the most…strange. If you haven’t read the novel or seen the ‘90s miniseries, then read the Wiki entry about the plot. It involves aliens, an interdimensional turtle, and all sorts of craziness. We’re guessing the filmmakers plan on streamlining the plot quite a bit.

“IT Chapter Two” is slated to begin production next month and will hit theaters on September 6, 2019.