I guess making movies with Yorgos Lanthimos and Sofia Coppola doesn’t keep the bills paid. It’s not as if Colin Farrell is immune to blockbusters (hello, “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them“) but we always figured he had a least some discerning taste. Though, maybe he just wants to cross Tim Burton off his bucket list.

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Deadline reports that Farrell is in negotiations to join Disney‘s live-action “Dumbo,” which has already snared Eva Green and Danny DeVito. Penned by Ehren Kruger (three “Transformers” movies), the story will involve a widowed father (Farrell’s role), a French trapeze (Green’s role) working for villainous circus owner, and Medici (DeVito), a smaller circus owner whose tent gets acquired by the big bad. Somewhere in there is an elephant with big ears too.

Production is slated to start soon, and while there’s no release date, Disney gives their blockbusters plenty of post-production time, so I’d assume this will be for 2019.

  • Josh King

    He prob has a good relationship with Disney after Saving Mr. Banks, which he was great in