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Founded in 2007 by Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist is a leading film and television website, offering smart yet accessible news, analysis, critical takes and more for the film community at large from moviegoers to entertainment industry players to the modern-day binge-happy viewer. Growing in reach over the last eight years in all forms of destination traffic and social media, our loyal audience looks to The Playlist as an ahead-of-the-curve tastemaker for celebrating both contemporary and new cinematic voices. ​

Editor-in-Chief and Founder: Rodrigo Perez

Managing Editor: Kevin Jagernauth

Features Editor: Jessica Kiang

Senior Feature Writer: Oliver Lyttelton

Operations & Senior Editor: Maris James

Regular Contributors include: Podcast Editor Erik McClanahan, Katie Walsh, Kimber Myers, Nik Grodzanovic

Additional Contributors: Oktay Ege Kozak, Ryan Oliver, Nicolas Laskin, Will Ashmore, Cain Rodriguez Jr., Jordan Ruimy,

Copyeditors: Rob Kemp, Kenji Fujishima, Laina Terpstra, Chelsea Scott, Samantha Vacca, Gary Garrison,

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