If you’re wondering why Hollywood often has multiple variations of a project in development, here’s why — when one gets stalled, you can just pivot to another. And that’s just Sony are doing in their efforts to keep the “21 Jump Street” brand going.

For a while now, we’ve known that the studio has been chasing two ideas: a female driven spinoff, penned by “Broad City” writers Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs, and an ambitious franchise crossover with “Men In Black.” Over the summer, Jonah Hill suggested the latter was in trouble, saying “it’s too complicated” and “it’s almost become what we were making fun of and it’s hard to maintain that joke when it’s so high stakes.”And so, everyone is shifting gears.

Rodney Rothman, who wrote co-wrote a draft of the “Men In Black” crossover, and co-wrote “22 Jump Street,” will direct the untitled spinoff, in addition to writing a new script, which will put women in the lead roles. Don’t worry meninists, there will be dudes in the movie too, so be cool. And as for that big crossover flick, it’s apparently still in development.

Everything is in early stages, so we’ll see how far this gets, and let’s hope there’s not a rehash of the “Ghostbusters” madness that surrounded that film. Presumably, no one’s childhoods will be ruined. However, it would’ve been nice if they got a female director for this one, especially considering Rothman himself is a first-timer behind the camera. [Deadline]