Making one last push before it opens next week, Warner Bros. is hoping you’re excited by “Kong: Skull Island” because they’ve got a whole mini-monster universe universe built around this. As you know, the film will be followed up by “Godzilla: King Of The Monsters,” and then presumably a movie where they both beat each other up. At any rate, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts promises his movie won’t be stumble into the pitfalls of other prequel movies.

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“I think if you struggle to name me one good prequel movie that exists on the planet, then you probably can’t! Generally they’re not good for a reason. There’s a lot of background mythology peppered into [‘Skull Island’] as we create our own new mythology. Really, there are not that many good prequels. As soon as you try and over explain something, it tends to lose its magic,” he told JoBlo. “So we’re not trying to go in and be like, “This led to this and this led to this!” We want to still have a wonderful sense of mystery and use it in a way to make our island and our creature and Kong’s character feel bigger, because you understand some of it, but we’re not trying to pull back the curtain on everything.”

Sounds good to us. Starring Brie Larson,  Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John C. Reilly, and more, “Kong: Skull Island” opens on March 10th.

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    looking forward to this.