'65': Adam Driver Teaming Up With Sam Raimi & The Writers Of 'A Quiet Place' For A Mysterious New Film

In the latest example of Hollywood talent soup, it appears that Adam Driver is teaming up with Sam Raimi and the writers behind “A Quiet Place” for a new thriller, titled “65.” And though we don’t know much more about the feature, this soup definitely seems like it’s going to be tasty.

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According to Deadline, Driver has signed on to star in Sony’s upcoming film “65,” which is set to be produced by Sam Raimi and written and directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. As mentioned, Beck and Woods are best known for their script for “A Quiet Place,” the hit horror film from 2018, but they’re also familiar with working with Raimi, as the duo wrote and directed an episode of the producer’s Quibi anthology series, “50 States of Fright.”

Plot details are unknown about the new film, as is seemingly the case with most new big-budget films being developed by major studios. Gotta love how Marvel Studios and franchise fandom culture has forced studios to keep details under wraps to increase buzz/intrigue. So, feel free to let your mind go crazy figuring out why the film is titled “65.” Though with Raimi attached, it’s almost certainly going to be some sort of supernatural feature.

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The big question right now isn’t so much what the film is about, but rather when “65” might actually go into production. Driver is a very popular actor, as you might expect from recent performances in films such as “The Report” and “Marriage Story.” He is not only waiting for the greenlight to finish production on the Ridley Scott film, “The Last Duel,” but he’s already lined up his next Scott project, “Gucci,” which is expected to go into production after ‘Duel’ is completed. Also, he’s reportedly attached to Jeff Nichols‘ newest film too. Needless to say, it could be a minute before the actor has some free time.

Regardless of when it might go into production and eventually hit the big screen, with Beck and Woods, along with Raimi, attached, there will be plenty of interest surrounding what goodies are being cooked up right now in “65.”