'Deadpool 2’ Lands A Director With One Half Of The ‘John Wick’ Team

It’s no secret that the “Deadpool” franchise has been going through some difficulties. Its director Tim Miller left the sequel over some head butting creative differences with Ryan Reynolds, the lead who holds much sway over the project. Following the filmmaker’s departure, composer Junkie XL also bailed on the project too.

But there’s some light in the “Deadpool” tunnel as the project has found a new helmer. You know who Hollywood’s in love with? The “John Wick” filmmakers, who lensed a relatively small budget action film and made one of the most entertaining movies of 2014.

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But the directors, Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, have gone their separate ways. Stahelski is taking on “John Wick: Chapter Two” and Leitch has been been picked to helm the highly anticipated “Deadpool 2,” perhaps not that surprising since he was the rumored frontrunner. Screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick will return for the sequel and there’s already confident talk of a “Deadpool 3” that could feature the “X-Force” heroes that are integral to the Deadpool comic book.

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But “Deadpool 2” could take a minute as Leitch’s next picture is the Cold War thriller “Coldest City,” starring Charlize Theron and James McAvoy. That picture’s slated for an Aug. 11, 2017 release. “Deadpool” grossed $782 million earlier this year of a paltry-in-comparison $58 million. Its R-Rating success spawned a trend that gave films like “Wolverine 3,” aka “Logan” the cajones to try on something other than the safe, PG-13 rating.[EW]