Dutch Cinema Owner Claims 'No Time To Die' Is Delayed Again Until November 2021

No, you probably aren’t aware of the name Carlo Lambregts. Unless you’re someone that lives in the Netherlands and goes to the business owner’s cinema, you probably have no reason to ever know who Carlo Lambregts is. But if you’re a fan of James Bond, you’re going to be incredibly interested in what he has to say, as it appears the cinema owner claims to have some insider information about the release date for “No Time to Die.”

“No Time to Die” has been the subject of release drama since last April, when the film was originally delayed until November 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Then the film was moved again from November 2020 to April of this year. But according to an interview with the Dutch outlet BN DeStem, Lambregts claims that the release date for the latest James Bond feature, “No Time to Die,” is going to change yet again from April to November.

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The report doesn’t say that Lambregts believes the film will be delayed. He actually claims that it is delayed, implying that maybe MGM and the folks behind “No Time to Die” have yet to make the release date delay public knowledge. But this does jive with other recent rumors that the Bond film would be perhaps be moving to later this year. And if this is true and “No Time to Die” is going to move, yet again, then the box office is in some serious trouble.

As we’ve heard from cinema owners over the past few months, 2021 was poised to be the return to normal. Even in our recent interview with the Marcus Theatres CEO, he was pointing to March when we could expect film studios to begin releasing some of the blockbusters that have been sitting on the shelf for nearly a year. But if “No Time to Die” makes the move to the fall, when the vaccine for COVID-19 is expected to be already given to most nearly everyone who wants it, then does this become the first domino in yet another release date delay chain of events?

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March and April have the release of films such as “Raya and the Last Dragon,” “The King’s Man,” “Morbius,” “Mortal Kombat,” “Reminiscence,” “A Quiet Place Part II,” and “Last Night in Soho,” in addition to “No Time to Die.” If the Bond film moves and shows that studios don’t have confidence in theaters being able to become profitable by spring, there could be yet another mass exodus of films, putting theaters in a terrible bind.

So, if we’re to believe Lambregts, that’s just a matter of time.

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