'Furiosa' Reactions Call George Miller's Prequel "Epic" & "Powerhouse Action Filmmaking"

George Miller might have done it again. Nearly a decade after the Oscar-winning “Mad Max: Fury Road,” the director has returned to his post-apocalyptic world for “Furiosa,” and according to the early social media reactions, Miller delivers another incredible film. That said, perhaps not as great as ‘Fury Road.’

Now, before we get to sharing some of the reactions, it’s always important to preface this by saying social media reactions are not reviews. In fact, often the reactions are way more enthusiastic about a movie because that helps get attention. Often, reactions point to a general trend and should not be viewed as gospel. 

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And for “Furiosa,” the trend is very positive.

Fandango’s Erik Davis calls George Miller’s latest “powerhouse action filmmaking at its absolute best!”

Indiewire’s David Ehrlich tweeted that the film is “really, *really* fucking good” but also added that it “operates in an extremely different gear than ‘Fury Road’ (in ways that i suspect will frustrate some people), but also manages to make that movie even richer while carving its own legend in the wasteland.”

We have more reactions below, but the general reaction consensus is that this film is very fun with great action and performances. However, it doesn’t rank up there with “Fury Road” and it’ll be interesting to see if audiences embrace it as they did the ‘Mad Max’ film from 2015.

You can see some of the other reactions here: