Hans Zimmer To End His Superhero Retirement To Score 'Wonder Woman 84'

Hans Zimmer is one of the most well-known composers in Hollywood right now. The man has won multiple Grammys, two Golden Globes, and even an Oscar. Even for the casual filmgoer, a Hans Zimmer score, thanks to his collaborations with filmmaker Christopher Nolan, is unmistakable. Needless to say, he’s not a composer that is hurting to find work. So, when he said that he had officially “retired” from making music for superhero films, fans took him at his word.

Well, it’s funny how things suddenly change.

According to Hans-Zimmer.com, the composer is coming out of superhero retirement to score the upcoming “Wonder Woman 84” for filmmaker Patty Jenkins. No word from the award-winning musician on what made him change his mind, but there must be something special about ‘WW84’ that made him quickly backtrack on his rather vocal dislike for current superhero films.

Perhaps an interview with Inverse can shed some light on his decision. You see, back when he said he was retired from superhero films, Zimmer basically said that it came from the lack of good superhero films that inspired him.

Ron Howard actually said something very smart to me. He said, ‘Don’t say you will never do a superhero movie again. Wait for somebody to turn up with an amazing script for a superhero movie.’ And I suppose that’s what I’m saying: Can I please have the amazing script?” said Zimmer.

So maybe, just maybe, the highly-anticipated “Wonder Woman 84” is so good, with such an amazing script, that Zimmer had no choice but to end his superhero retirement. He’s said time and time again that he doesn’t do jobs for monetary reasons, so one would imagine not even a dump truck full of cash would convince him. It just sounds like ‘WW84’ might be as good as we hope.

Rupert Gregson-Williams, who has worked with Zimmer in the past, was responsible for the score for “Wonder Woman.” And ‘WW84’ isn’t the first time that the composer has worked on a Wonder Woman project, as he’s the musician to compose the now-famous Wonder Woman theme.

We’ll get a chance to hear Zimmer’s latest project when “Wonder Woman 84” hits theaters November 1, 2019.