Title Revealed For Hayao Miyazaki's Final Feature Film

2013’s “The Wind Rises” was supposed to be the swan song for beloved, famed animator Hayao Miyazaki, but the director still had the itch to direct.

Tasked with making the short “Kemushi no Boro” for the Ghibli Museum, the filmmaker conjured a new idea for a feature film and pitched it to Studio Ghibli. They didn’t give it a green light right away, but nonetheless, Miyazaki pressed onward, and the studio eventually gave in. Animators were hired on a three-year contract beginning October 1st, with the caveat it could be extended. Now, the film has a title: “Kimi-tachi wa Dō Ikiru ka (How Do You Live?).”

The name is apparently inspired by the name of a book by author Genzaburō Yoshino, with the novel telling the story of “a man named Koperu and his uncle, and through Koperu’s spiritual growth, it discusses how to live as human beings.”

Whether or not the film follows that loose storyline remains to be seen. It also remains to be seen if “How Do You Live?” will meet the once projected 2019 release date. Miyazaki has only drawn about 20 minutes of storyboards thus far, and it doesn’t look likely the film will be ready by then. So, we’ll all just have to be patient, and see how and when this film comes together, but it does look like at the very least, it’s happening. [Anime News Network]