'IF' Big Game Teaser Brings Back A Classic 'Office' Prank To Promote John Krasinski's New Film

Are you a fan of “The Office?” Judging by how omnipresent the show is in culture over the past five or so years, you probably are. Well, if so, you’re going to enjoy this behind-the-scenes “Big Game Tease” for the upcoming film, “IF.”

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In an episode of “The Office,” there’s a cold open where John Krasinski’s Jim plays a practical joke on Rainn Wilson’s Dwight by hiring someone to pretend they are him at the office. The joke is that everyone will be in on it (including Jim’s wife) and it’s like this super gaslighting thing. The actor hired to play Fake Jim in the show is actually Randall Park, which is funny because he’s Asian and Krasinski isn’t… hey, it was a decade ago, so it was funny at the time. Anyway, it looks like “IF” has decided to bring that joke back for the new teaser.

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You see, “IF” is written and directed by Krasinski and stars Ryan Reynolds. We know Reynolds loves a meta joke, so this is right up his alley. And the film tells the story of a young girl who is going through a tough time and begins to see everyone’s imaginary friends (IFs… get it?). So the teaser is all about Randall Park pretending to be Krasinski as they gaslight Reynolds. Hilarity ensues. 

This is all a way to hype up that “IF” is set to debut a new trailer during the upcoming Super Bowl. So, we can expect a proper look at the film soon enough. You can view the “Big Game Teaser” below: