James Gunn Shares Update DCU's "The Authority" Movie

With CEO/filmmaker James Gunn busy shooting his “Superman” reboot in Atlanta, the new DC Studios still has many possibilities brewing. Gunn revealed much of his “Gods & Monsters” plan in early 2023, and some of those films are slowly taking shape. While he’s occupied shooting a movie, Gunn seems to always have time for social media no matter what, and the co-head of DC shared a recent update on the much-anticipated “The Authority” movie. A passion project for Gunn, the darker film in tone could end up mirroring mature superhero projects like “The Suicide Squad,” “Peacemaker,” and possibly even the spinoff series “Waller.” 

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Asked about “The Authority” casting by a fan on Threads, Gunn said they would not put the cart before the horse.

“We won’t greenlight a film until we have a finished script we’re happy with, and, in general, we won’t cast a film until the script is finished, “Gunn wrote on Threads. “This is why some projects [move] faster than anticipated and others more slowly. It’s always gonna be quality first, no matter what.” We’re still waiting on an announcement on who exactly is writing a script for “The Authority,” and one could theorize it’s Gunn, but it is unlikely, given how busy he is. Until then, the superhero pic is not nearly ready for casting, and fans will have to remain patient.

While not directly about a project set within the mainline DCU, Gunn also took to Threads to dispel an online casting rumor about “Logan” actor Boyd Holbrook being hired as the new Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face, in Matt Reeves’ recently delayed sequel to “The Batman.” The co-CEO of DC Studios responded to the casting rumor as “fake.” 

In a follow-up post, Gunn explained why not to believe the rumor. “No, I don’t think this has anything to do with Boyd and his people,” he explained. “Sometimes, it’s an honest mistake by websites [that have] gotten false info (although they’re jumping the gun journalistically), and other times, it’s just made up for clicks. I don’t know which one this is.”

Other repeated rumors claim Clayface (a face-swapping supernatural villain) is finally making his big-screen debut in “The Batman Part II.” However, the film was recently delayed a year until fall 2026, so any rumored villains are probably premature at this point.