'Another Round': Leonardo DiCaprio To Star In An English-Language Remake Of Thomas Vinterberg's Film

If you’re a fan of Thomas Vinterberg’s Oscar-winning film, “Another Round,” it might be time for you to take a seat. I am about to deliver some news that might be upsetting. Even though we should have expected this, considering how Hollywood loves to do this, it appears that studios have already nabbed the rights to make an English-language remake of “Another Round.” Yes, that’s real. But would you be any happier to know Leonardo DiCaprio might star?

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According to Deadline, Appian Way, Endeavor Content, and Makeready have won a highly-contested auction for the English-language remake rights for Thomas Vinterberg’s “Another Round.” And since Appian Way is involved, that means Leonardo DiCaprio is on board and the report claims the new version is being eyed as a potential starring vehicle for the Oscar-winning actor.

Last night, Vinterberg accepted the Oscar for Best International Feature for “Another Round” and explained the tragic circumstances that he endured while making the film (including the unexpected death of his daughter, Ida). And he went on to explain how deeply personal the film is for him and how much he enjoyed making the feature about four teachers that decide to start a social experiment where they stay drunk throughout the day to see if their lives are more enjoyable. And now, Hollywood is remaking it.

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The original film stars Mads Mikkelsen in one of his very best performances ever, as one of the aforementioned drunk teachers. He delivers an acting masterclass on how to simultaneously evoke joy and laughter while also toying with extreme darkness and tragedy. And though DiCaprio has proven to be one of the very best around, you have to wonder if there is any way the magic of Vinterberg’s original can be replicated in an English-language remake?

Well, it appears we’re going to find out. And though English-language remakes are happening all the time, there’s something extra…unnecessary about a new “Another Round,” right?

Here’s Vinterberg’s acceptance speech from last night: