M. Night Shyamalan has had a very interesting career path. The filmmaker skyrocketed with his third film, “The Sixth Sense,” but quickly faded out of popularity with a series of big-budget critical and commercial duds. Then he seemed to be on a comeback path with a series of low-budget thrillers. Now, a year after he had Bruce Willis drown in a puddle in “Glass,” Shyamalan is back with a new thriller, titled “Old.”

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The announcement comes from Shyamalan himself, who went to Twitter to share the title and first artwork for his new thriller. “Feels like a miracle that I am standing here shooting the first shot of my new film,” the director wrote on Twitter, sharing a photo of himself on set. “It’s called ‘Old.'”

The poster artwork reveals a release date of July, 2021, with the tagline stating “It’s only a matter of time.” Given Shyamalan already gave us a fantastic and shocking sequel reveal in “Split,” is it possible he’s taking a jab at Christopher Nolan and making a stealth sequel to “Tenet“? Probably not, but would that really be out of line for a Shyamalan twist?

Though no plot details have been announced, Collider reports the film is inspired by the French graphic novel “Sandcastle” by Pierre Oscar Levy and artist Frederik Peeters, which Shyamalan received as a gift and “loved the premise so much that he purchased the rights to the graphic novel, which served as a launching point for his script.” The graphic novel follows a group of people unable to leave a mysterious beach that hides a dark secret involving time, and is described as existential horror in the vein of “The Twilight Zone” or “Lost.”

Of course, Shyamalan wanting to adapt something he loved sounds good in theory, but let’s not forget that the last time he did that we got “The Last Airbender.”

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As for “Old,” we do know a bit about the cast, which includes Gael Garcia Bernal, Eliza Scanlen, Thomasin McKenzie, Aaron Pierre, Alex Wolff, Vicky Krieps, Abbey Lee, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Ken Leung, Rufus Sewell, Embeth Davidtz and Emun Elliott.