'Midsommar' Bear Toy Ad: Now You Can Purchase Your Very Own Bear In A Cage!

After the bleakness of “Hereditary,” you’ll likely be surprised by the moments of levity found in Ari Aster’s latest film “Midsommar.” Though he’s likely going to show you enough disturbing, and frankly, disgusting, images over the course of the film’s two-and-a-half-hours, there are enough jokes and silly comments to keep you laughing throughout. And the folks over at A24 get that, which is why the latest ad for the film is so damn genius.

One of those aforementioned moments of levity comes fairly early on in the film when a member of the group of foreigners at the Swedish festival notices a bear locked in a cage. None of the hosts even make mention of the large animal in the wood box, until it’s brought to their attention. Their answer as to why there’s a bear in a cage? “It’s a bear.”

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You wouldn’t necessarily think that would be fodder for a children’s toy commercial, but then again, you don’t work in the marketing department for A24 films. The indie studio’s marketing department has taken one of the film’s most confusing, but humorous, moments and turned it into an ‘80s-style toy commercial for a plastic bear in a wooden cage. Why? Well, because it’s a bear, naturally.

Plus, if you’ve seen the film already, the commercial has enough allusions to the film that you’ll likely find amusement with how the studio teases specific moments in the film, taken completely out of context, no less. If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of this toy’s commercial, and yes, I went to the A24 website to purchase. However, as the website so sadly states, the Bear in a Cage toy is only limited to 75 pieces and isn’t on sale yet. (Have to wait until Wednesday.)

However, if this sells you on the idea of seeing “Midsommar,” then you can do that right away. And if you’re like me, this might be all you need to want to see the film yet again.