Original Screenplay 2024 Oscars Predictions And Contenders

Usually, it’s the Adapted Screenplay category that is super-competitive and the Original category that’s completely wide open. Well, the 2024 Original Screenplay has four somewhat likely nominees in Justin Triet and Arthur Harari’s script for “Anatomy of a Fall,” Celine Song‘s screenplay for “Past Lives,” David Hemingson’s 70’s nostalgia throwback “The Holdovers,” and Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach’s billion dollar tome for “Barbie.” Could one of those films not make the cut? Maybe, but awards watchers should pay attention to the very open fifth and remaining slot.

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Hoping to make the field is Samy Burch‘s Black List selection, “May December”; Alex Convery’s crowd-pleasing true story “Air”; and Bradley Cooper and Josh Singer‘s collaboration for “Maestro.” Other potential players include Takuma Takasaki and Wim Wenders‘ script for “Perfect Days”; Emerald Fennell‘s Oscar winning-follow up, “Saltburn”; and even Wes Anderson’s screenplay for “Asteroid City.” Beyond those six players, the pickings are slim. Although there’s still time for a surprise…or two. [Updated Nov. 17]


Justine Triet, Arthur Harari, “Anatomy of a Fall”
Celine Song, “Past Lives”
David Hemingson, “The Holdovers”
Greta Gerwig, Noah Baumbach, “Barbie”


Samy Burch, “May December”
Alex Convery, “Air”
Bradley Cooper, Josh Singer, “Maestro”


Takuma Takasaki, Wim Wenders, “Perfect Days”
Emerald Fennell, “Saltburn”
Wes Anderson, “Asteroid City”


Sean Durkin, “The Iron Claw”*
Roger Ross Williams, David Teague “Cassandro”
David Scarpa, “Napoleon”
Julian Breece, Dustin Lance Black, “Rustin”
Hayao Miyazaki, “The Boy and the Heron”