'Phantom Thread' Score Sheet Music Revealed By Jonny Greenwood

On Christmas morning, cinephiles will be able to unwrap the cinematic treat of the year with Paul Thomas Anderson‘s “Phantom Thread.” However, with two long months to go until the film opens, there’s only so many times you can watch the terrific trailer. So, for those who have the ability to read sheet music, they can start learning the theme song to the movie.

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Jonny Greenwood, who has scored every Paul Thomas Anderson movie since “There Will Be Blood,” is back for “Phantom Thread,” and has dropped the sheet music for the title song. Just two instruments do the work here, a muted piano with sustain, and a viola (or violin, if you prefer). It’s all likely baroque, elegant, beautiful stuff and frankly we’d expect no less from Greenwood. His work with Anderson tends to be just as much of a highlight as anything on screen.

“Phantom Thread” arrives on December 25th. No details yet on the soundtrack release, but it’s only a matter of time until people start uploading their covers of the title theme. [Pitchfork]