'Polaris': Lynne Ramsay Says Her Next Film With Joaquin Phoenix Has Already Wrapped Production

Despite being one of the most acclaimed filmmakers working today, no one has ever accused Lynne Ramsay of rushing to complete a project. Almost as if it’s some sort of unwritten rule that’s a by-product of the deal she made with a higher power to give her the ability to tell amazing stories in films, Ramsay has always taken her time between films. Since her directorial debut in 1999, she has only released a total of four feature films, with the last one being in 2017. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear as if we will have to wait much longer for her next.

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Speaking in an interview with Variety, Lynne Ramsay opened up about the slate of projects she has on her schedule or in development. Most interesting, perhaps, is the news that her long-in-development film, “Polaris,” has already wrapped production. This film is a reunion between Joaquin Phoenix and Ramsay, who last worked together on “You Were Never Really Here” in 2017. Not much is known about “Polaris,” which could be retitled as “Dark Slides,” apparently, other than Phoenix plays a photographer and the script is the first original script Ramsay has put into production since her 1999 debut, “Ratcatcher.”

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In addition to “Polaris,” there are a number of new Ramsay films in development. She said the next in line will probably be “Die, My Love,” which is said to star Jennifer Lawrence. This is a film that is said to be about a woman living in a rural town who begins to lose her mind. After that, there is “Stone Mattress,” which is said to star Julianne Moore and Sandra Oh. And then, possibly, down the line there is her long-awaited reimagining of “Moby Dick.” The only thing she’ll tease about that is the film is set in space. 

So, with one Ramsay film in the can and at least two more lined up, it would appear we won’t have to wait a long time between her films in the future. Or, at least, one can hope.