Producer Gives Plot Details About Wes Anderson's Upcoming Film & Says It's Not A Musical

There’s a lot of anticipation about Wes Anderson’s upcoming film. It’s already been four years since the filmmaker’s last live-action film, “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” which was his most successful at the box office and one of the most critically-acclaimed. This year, we did see a new Anderson film, “Isle of Dogs,” but sadly, it was far from a box office hit. So, with that being said, all eyes are on his next project, a musical set in France during the 1950s. Well, except it might not actually be a musical at all.

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Over the last month or so, we’ve heard reports of actors that are being signed on to star in the film, and some that are being rumored. We read about people like Mark Mothersbaugh being on board to write songs of what is supposed to be Wes Anderson’s first full-on musical. But now, instead of rumors and speculation, we finally have confirmation about what we can expect from the untitled film from someone who works directly with Anderson. And guess what? The earlier reports were off the mark.

Jeremy Dawson, a long-time producer on the filmmaker’s works dating back to “The Darjeeling Limited,” is in France right now prepping production on the untitled film. And speaking to Charente Libre, he opened up a little bit about the film. And unfortunately, he struck down the rumors that the film was going to be a musical set in the ‘50s.

Here’s the translated bit from the article:

“Speaking perfect French, the New Yorker, who has worked with Wes Anderson on several films already, claims that it is not a musical ‘but a film set in France at different times [periods]. It’s a story about writers, with connections to Kansas, USA.’”

So there you go, the first official plot synopsis for the film. Albeit a little sparse on the details. The producer also said that those involved in the film want to work to keep the exact plot a secret, so it doesn’t look like we’ll end up getting a better description for some time.

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Sadly, it also means that our hopes for a Wes Anderson French musical starring Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman, and Tilda Swinton just isn’t in the cards. While those actors may still be involved (Tilda and the recently announced Mathieu Amalric are the only confirmed cast members), it doesn’t appear that it’s going to be a musical.

We may learn more when Anderson makes a public appearance coming up as the guest of honor at a local Christmas lighting event in France. Maybe he’ll drop some nuggets of info then.