'Ren Faire' Trailer: The Safdie Brothers Produce A Docuseries About The World's Largest Renaissance Festival

Have you ever watched “Game of Thrones” and thought, “Man, I’d love to see a version of this where there are no dragons and cosplayers take the place of kings and queens?” No? Well, HBO hopes you do, as it has a three-part documentary, titled “Ren Faire,” coming your way.

In all seriousness, “Ren Faire” is a docuseries about the largest Renaissance festival in the world and the one man who rules over it, an 86-year-old George Coulam. The series follows the exploits of Coulam’s employees as they all vie for the position of next in line after he retires. Ok, so it’s less “Game of Thrones” and more “Succession.”

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Adding to the intrigue is the fact the Safdie Brothers are producers and the series is co-created and directed by Lance Oppenheim. The filmmaker is probably best known for the criminally underrated doc, “Some Kind of Heaven,” as well as the recent “Spermworld.” He’s a documentarian who is able to find the most batshit crazy stories in the strangest of places, exactly like “Ren Faire.”

“Ren Faire” debuts on HBO and Max on June 2. You can watch the trailer below.

Here’s the synopsis:

For half a century, 86-year-old George Coulam, known to his employees as King George, has reigned with an iron fist over the Texas Renaissance Festival, the largest such “faire” in the world. He has power, as the elected mayor of the town he incorporated. He has glory, as the undisputed employer and self-proclaimed ruler of thousands. He has vast wealth, as the majority shareholder of the festival. Now, he is ready to give it all up and spend the last years of his life in the quest for a romantic companion. But before he retires, George will finally choose which of his longtime employees will take his crown.