Outraged Fans That Are Petitioning To Get Rid Of Robert Pattinson As Batman Are Just Grossly Uninformed

Internet people, we gotta talk. I know it’s commonplace and expected for people to have gut reactions to news and instantly spew those reactions on social media, in the most vile and vitriolic ways imaginable. Hey, that’s your right, and if you choose to spend your time that way, more power to you. (Don’t be a racist, sexist, and all around asshole while doing it though, okay?) But I must take a stand on one issue — Robert Pattinson is a mighty fine actor and a perfectly okay choice for Matt Reeves’ “The Batman.”

As many people found out last night, Pattinson has emerged as the likely heir to the Bruce Wayne throne and is Reeves’ first choice for the title character in “The Batman.” Shout out to Nicholas Hoult as the likely runner-up. He would have been a fine choice, as well.

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However, the news of Robert Pattinson as Batman spread like wildfire and with unsurprisingly polarized viewpoints. There were some that don’t react so harshly to casting decisions until they see the film, or at least until there’s some proof that said casting choice is not good. Then you have the rest of the internet, with legions of folks that are instantly outraged and feel like the world is coming to an end because their favorite hero is going to be ruined by the “Twilight” Guy.

We’ve seen this happen already, less than 24 hours after the first reports hit. Multiple Change.org petitions have popped up, with differing missions, but the same goal — destroying the idea of Pattinson as Batman. Obviously, those petitions aren’t going to sway Warner Bros. or Reeves away from the actor, but it does show you that this sort of fervor is just the way of the world.

That being said, those folks are wrong. Dead wrong.

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Robert Pattinson will likely make a great Bruce Wayne and Batman. As pointed out by many people on the infamous “Film Twitter,” the people that seem to be so up in arms about Pattinson’s latest role are those that only think of him as the sparkly vampire from the YA franchise. But, dear reader, those people fail to realize that Pattinson has done the Lord’s work, turning that glorious “Twilight” bank into a career lifting great filmmakers into the spotlight and testing the limits of what he’s capable of.

Now, I’m not saying that Pattinson is the greatest actor in the world. But while you guys were so fixated on “Twilight,” the leading man has given film fans some memorable performances in grossly underseen films.

Here’s a quick rundown of films that will likely prove that Pattinson can, and will, kill it as Batman: “Good Time” (Maybe his best performance. Period.), “The Lost City of Z,” “The Childhood of a Leader,” “Map to the Stars” (Not Cronenberg’s best, but still quality.), and most recently, “High Life.” Let’s also not forget that he’s in one of the most highly-anticipated films at Cannes this year, Robert Eggers’ “The Lighthouse.”

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Put simply, Pattinson is a great actor and is actively trying to work with the best filmmakers on the planet. You can’t hate the guy for that.

Long story short, Pattinson might not be your first choice for Batman. He definitely wasn’t mine (seriously, go check out Lee Pace and his Bruce Wayne audition on “Halt and Catch Fire”). But Reeves is clearly going after a great actor first, and a franchise action star second. It worked for Michael Keaton, Robert Downey, Jr., and Heath Ledger. Let’s give Pattinson the benefit of the doubt.

And don’t be such babies.