'Run Hide Fight' Trailer: The Daily Wire Enters Film Distribution With This 'Die Hard'-Esque School Shooting Thriller

At The Playlist, we’re not ashamed of sharing politically-minded content and offering up our opinions when warranted. Hell, you can look at our Twitter feed to see the political stuff that we share. But what’s happening with The Daily Wire is something totally different, as the conservative news organization has gone above and beyond trying to share its political views (as toxic and ridiculous as they may be) and is now getting involved with movie distribution, as seen in the new trailer for “Run Hide Fight.”

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Before its release at last year’s Venice Film Festival, “Run Hide Fight” had already stoked a bit of controversy, thanks to the combination of the producer of the film, Dallas Sonnier (who is no stranger to conservative views and alleged misconduct), and the subject matter involving a school shooting that is used as a basis for a “Die Hard”-esque story. However, the film didn’t necessarily rile up a lot of controversy when it premiered, as it was seen as just a film that has extreme tastelessness and little more. But now, with the distribution deal with The Daily Wire, the film now finds itself right back in the public eye.

The Daily Wire is co-founded by Ben Shapiro (someone that is well-known for his conservative hot takes and ludicrous, offensive rants), and the site has always been known as a hotbed for ultra-conservative viewpoints and right-wing extremism. And now, apparently, it’s the distributor of films. But according to an interview with Deadline, The Daily Wire isn’t going to get into films to push an agenda. It’s just going to distribute content for people upset with “self-appointed moral overlords in Hollywood and legacy media.” Uh, ok.

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“Right now, we’re developing three projects internally – two series and a feature,” said Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing. “Since announcing our move into the space, we’ve heard from quite a few filmmakers with outside-the-box pitches unlikely to find a home in the current political climate. If people continue to subscribe, as we believe they will, we’ll be acquiring more and more projects.”

Boreing added, “‘Run Hide Fight’ is a preview of our plans and the type of movies and series we will offer in the not-too-distant future. Like this film, our entertainment content won’t be overtly political, but it will reflect our values. Our mission is simple: We will make great entertainment that all Americans can enjoy, regardless of their political views. If you’re fed-up with the cultural edicts of our country’s self-appointed moral overlords in Hollywood and legacy media, stay tuned.”

Will “Run Hide Fight” be the film that launches The Daily Wire into successful film distribution? We’ll have to wait and see. If you go by our review of the film, you’ll likely just want to skip this and see what else Ben Shapiro and his cohorts have on deck next.