Watch Ryan Gosling Awkwardly Fumble When Asked Whether He'd Want To Play Batman

There’s a go-to question from entertainment journalists that every A-list actor is bound to hear a million times during a press junket — “Would you like to appear as [Insert Superhero] in a movie?”

These actors hear the question so many times, most have a stock answer that’s either a flat-out “no” or a less-definitive “sure, if the script is right” (or something similar). Very rarely does one of the biggest stars in the world clam up, stumble over his words, and nervously dodge the question like Ryan Gosling did in a recent interview with Variety.

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In the video, shared by Variety, Gosling is asked a very simple question — “Would you play Batman in a film?” Instead of the normal stock answers, Gosling replies, quickly, “I don’t know.” When pressed further, because his answer was noticeably evasive and odd, Ryan Gosling does what only Ryan Gosling can do, by looking sheepishly adorable and awkward as he stammers and tries his best to give a straight answer.

Eventually, the Academy Award-nominated actor turns to his “First Man” director Damien Chazelle and diverts the spotlight his way. “Damien, do you want to do that one?” said Gosling “Damien Chazelle ‘Batman,’ that I want to see.”

Thankfully for Gosling, who nervously is rubbing his hands together and fidgeting like a little boy who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Chazelle gracefully handles the question by bringing it all back around to his Neil Armstrong biopic, calling the astronaut a “real-life superhero.”

First and foremost, we bring you this video because Gosling is known for his interesting interviews, which mimic his low-key, almost silent performances on-screen. And frankly, it’s funny (and a bit cringey) to watch the star in one of his more awkward appearances.

However, the other reason, and if you are wearing your tin-foil conspiracy theory hats like myself, you’ve probably already guessed, is because it sure does seem like Gosling has something to hide, doesn’t it?

Let’s be clear — we have no inside information to fuel this speculation, at all. But with the news of Matt Reeves’ upcoming “The Batman” finishing its script soon, with a 2019 production start imminent, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that Gosling knows something we don’t. It’s been heavily rumored (and by most accounts, almost a certainty) that Ben Affleck will not be reprising the role of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman in the upcoming film. If that’s the case, Reeves and Warner Bros. are probably already deep into casting the title role, and Gosling would be a good fit.

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This wouldn’t be the first time that the “La La Land” actor flirted with superheroics. Before Benedict Cumberbatch signed on for the role, Gosling was long-rumored as one of the front-runners for the titular role in “Doctor Strange.” Maybe he’s ready to scratch that superhero itch after two incredibly well-received films with Damien Chazelle? It stands to reason that now would be the time, as his star has never been brighter.

Ultimately, body language doesn’t spell casting confirmations, and maybe this is my reaction to the non-stop speculation of who might don the cowl in the Reeves film. But either way, Gosling is one adorable guy, am I right?