'Spider-Man Noir': Prime Video's Marvel Series Adds 'The Punisher' Showrunner Steve Lightfoot

What do you do when you want to expand the “Spider-Man” film and TV franchise, but you don’t actually have the ability to use Spider-Man? Well, you make a variety of spinoff films and TV shows and hope people ignore the fact that B-level characters are the stars and the one character everyone wants to see is never showing up. So far, for Sony, that has led to mixed results. For every “Venom” there’s a “Morbius.” And with “Madame Web” and “Kraven the Hunter” on the horizon, it doesn’t appear that there’s much excitement for various spinoff movies. But maybe the TV side of things will work out? Well, it seems like they’re on the right path with “Spider-Man Noir.”

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According to Variety, the already-announced “Spider-Man Noir” show is moving further along in development with Steve Lightfoot being brought on to produce and co-showrun the series alongside writer Oren Uziel. Lightfoot is probably best known for his work as showrunner of the recent “The Punisher” series for Netflix, based on another Marvel character. Prior to that, he worked on shows such as “Hannibal,” “Shantaram,” and “Narcos.” 

Though Spider-Man is in the title, “Spider-Man Noir” isn’t going to follow Peter Parker. The series is said to be set in 1930s New York City and not follow the story of Parker. In the comics, Noir is a multiverse version of Peter Parker who arrives at the end of the Great Depression and is bitten by a radioactive spider, giving him the superhuman abilities. Basically, as the name implies, it’s Spider-Man but in a crime-centric, 1930s, hard-boiled story. Honestly, given how the character is already a multiverse version of Parker in the comics (and in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”), you can easily just change his name and tell a very similar story. 

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It’s unclear how far along development is on this show. We do know ‘Noir’ is in development alongside another ‘Spider-Man’ spinoff, “Silk: Spider Society,” which follows a young female character with spider abilities. Both of these shows are expected to premiere on Prime Video