'Sympathy For The Devil' Trailer: Nicolas Cage Is Unhinged As A Psychopath Terrorizing A Man In His Car

Nowadays, there are two types of Nicolas Cage films. The first is the typical direct-to-VOD nonsense where he plays some sort of cop or soldier and it’s not all that interesting. Then you have the fun type of films. These have Cage going all out, using all of his acting tricks, and really trying to turn in a performance that is interesting and mesmerizing. These films aren’t always great, but Cage is almost always insanely watchable. Thankfully, “Sympathy for the Devil” seemingly falls into that latter category.

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As seen in the trailer, “Sympathy for the Devil” follows the story of a guy who is rushing to the hospital to witness the birth of his child. Unfortunately, as he pulls into the parking lot, he’s taken hostage by a man who is forcing him to drive. The mystery man doesn’t seem to just be on the run or something like that. Instead, this lunatic is seemingly enjoying torturing our soon-to-be dad. And as mentioned above, Cage is simply unhinged in his performance of the mystery man who definitely has something else going on beneath the surface. 

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Cage is joined by Joel Kinnaman in the cast. “Sympathy for the Devil” is directed by Yuval Adler. The filmmaker previously worked on features such as “The Secrets We Keep,” “The Operative,” and “Bethlehem.”

“Sympathy for the Devil” debuts in theaters on July 28. You can watch the trailer below.

Here’s the synopsis:

After being forced to drive a mysterious passenger at gunpoint, a man finds himself in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse where it becomes clear that not everything is as it seems.