WB Says "No Decisions Have Been Made" Regarding Henry Cavill's Future As Superman

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. It’s an explosive rumor from Warner Bros. ailing DC Comics Cinematic Universe. But, look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! A plane! A contradictory (kinds of?) statement from Warner Bros.! As you’ve likely read, reports broke that Henry Cavill, who plays Superman in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), was leaving the cape behind after three appearances as the man of steel (“Man of Steel,” “Batman V. Superman,” “Justice League“).

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Reports detailed a contract negotiation breakdown. WB wanted Cavill to make a cameo appearance in the upcoming spring 2019 DCEU film “Shazam!” with Zachary Levi, but the actor and his agents had other ideas. Cavill has since potentially called their bluff and signed up to star in Netflix The Witcher” series which could keep him very busy for the next few years if the series is renewed and renewed—presumably he wasn’t under contract when he signed and was free to busy himself up with whatever projects he wants.

Superman No More: Henry Cavill Is Reportedly Leaving DC’s Man Of Steel Role

But Cavill’s agent jumped into the fray today on Twitter, eluding to the “evolution” going on over at the DCEU. “Be peaceful, the cape is still in his closet,” Dany Garcia, Cavill’s manager over at The Garcia Companies said. “@wbpictures has been and continues to be our partners as they evolve the DC Universe. Anticipate a WB statement later today.”

What’s key, to us, is the “evolution” line of Garcia’s tweet. The DCEU is rumored to be going through a kind of reset following the negative critical reaction to many of their films. A source today, right after today’s news broke, echoed the same sentiment that Warner Bros. would shift focus to “Supergirl and that movie—likely a period piece set in the 1970s (though this could change) with the young Kryptonian as a teenager—would knock Cavill out of the running for appearing in that particular time period (he’d still be a child then). So, the actor could stick around, but if Supergirl were to go first and with no “Man of Steel 2” film in development, it’s very conceivable that Cavill could not turn up as Superman again for several, several years hence everyone kind of walking away for now, but keeping the door open.

Regardless, that statement has now arrived:

“While no decisions have been made regarding any upcoming Superman films, we’ve always had great respect for and a great relationship with Henry Cavill, and that remains unchanged.”

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It’s interesting to note Warner Bros. responding to these reports almost immediately, the day of, and refuting, or at least tempering the alarm bells, given that they have not said one word or peep about the impending exit of Ben Affleck as Batman.

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That may give fans some hope. It’s been over a year since pretty much even your grandma has known that Affleck is sick of the caped crusader and is done with the role. Meanwhile, WB insists, Cavill’s not gone. At least not yet.