Jordan Peele‘s smash hit “Get Out” is not only still hanging around the top ten at the box office, the film will likely cross $160 million domestic this weekend. Not bad for a movie made for under $5 million. The bold, racially charged horror/thriller has been an absolute sensation, with Peele’s uncompromising picture, built upon racial tension and dynamics, not missing a single moment to go for broke. However, the finale could’ve been a lot darker.

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**Spoilers ahead**

In the finished film, after Daniel Kaluuya’s Chris has killed Allison Williams‘ Rose, LilRel Howery‘s Rod arrives to whisk his best friend away from the scene of the crime. It’s a necessary catharsis to the picture, but originally Peele had something else in mind. Last month on the “Another Round” podcast, the writer/director revealed an alternate ending had Chris being arrested for the murders he committed. Here’s what Peele had to say:

In the beginning when I was first making this movie the idea was, ‘OK, we’re in this post-racial world, apparently. That was the whole idea. People were saying, ‘We’ve got Obama so racism is over, let’s not talk about it.’ That’s what the movie was meant to address. Like look, you recognize this interaction. These are all clues, if you don’t already know, that racism isn’t over. […] So the ending in that era was meant to say, look, ‘You think race isn’t an issue? Well at the end, we all know this is how this movie would end right here.’

It was very clear that the ending needed to transform into something that gives us a hero, that gives us an escape, gives us a positive feeling when we leave this movie. […] There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the audience go crazy when Rod shows up.

If you’re curious what that scene would’ve looked like, it’ll be included on the forthcoming Blu-ray release for “Get Out” along with these extras:

-Alternate Ending with Commentary by Writer/Director Jordan Peele

-Deleted Scenes with Commentary by Writer/Director Jordan Peele

-Unveiling the Horror of Get Out: Go behind-the-scenes for the making of Get Out

-Q&A Discussion with Writer/Director Jordan Peele and the Cast: Director/Writer Jordan Peele sits down with the cast to answer fan questions on the film hosted by Chance the Rapper.

-Feature Commentary with Writer/Director Jordan Peele

That’ll definitely be an interesting ending to watch, and the commentary track will likely prove fascinating. “Get Out” arrives on Digital HD on May 9th and on Blu-ray and DVD combo pack and On Demand on May 23rd.