UPDATE: Writer-director John Krasinski has made it official— “A Quiet Place 2” has been delayed worldwide. See tweet at the bottom of the post.

The NBA season has been shuttered. Festivals and other large pop culture/media events have been postponed or canceled. Hell, Tom Hanks isn’t even safe! Coronavirus isn’t going away anytime soon, it seems and the movie industry is just now starting to feel its effects in a substantial way, with SXSW canceling, theaters around the world shutting down, and major films being delayed. The latest victim? “A Quiet Place Part II.”

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According to Deadline, Paramount has decided to delay the European release of its highly-anticipated sequel, “A Quiet Place Part II” due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Exhibitors in the UK have been notified that the film will be delayed, with a new release date announcement coming shortly. This news comes on the heels of theaters shuttering in countries such as Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, and parts of France.

However, unlike the delays of films such as “No Time to Die” and “Peter Rabbit 2,” the release of “A Quiet Place 2” seems to only be postponed in Europe. For now. You see, theaters are also closing in Asian countries, and it would seem as if new restrictions on public gatherings of larger than 250 people in California are going to begin to affect cinemas in the US. So, it wouldn’t be shocking to see the film completely get delayed around the world.

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As we saw with reports of “No Time to Die” costing an extra $50 million to MGM due to its delay, the expense of delaying a film isn’t cheap, and unlike the ‘Bond’ film, Paramount is just over a week away from its announced release date of the “A Quiet Place” sequel. So, the cost to move this mid-budget horror film might be prohibitive in this instance. Either way, it’ll be worth keeping an eye on.

For now, “A Quiet Place Part II” will hit theaters in the US on March 20. See Below: