Ben Affleck: "Batman Is The Greatest Part In The World"

Yesterday, the geek world was rocked when it was reported that Ben Affleck was hanging up the cape and cowl as Batman after “Justice League.” Of course, nothing was official, but Kim Masters at The Hollywood Reporter is a veteran who knows her stuff, but nonetheless, DCEU fans held firm that the report was unsubstantiated. Well, today, they have some good news from Affleck himself. Sort of.

The actor swung through San Diego Comic Con for his obligatory stint plugging “Justice League,” and addressed the rumors he was saying farewell as Batman, by saying the following:

Well, that’s not quite a full-blown denial, and for all we know he could be talking about his work up until now. That being said, maybe he is still jazzed about playing growly Bruce Wayne and will keep going right into Matt Reeves‘ “The Batman,” even though he’s no longer directing, and they tossed out his script. Time well tell, but this is worth remembering….