Bryan Cranston Says Reimagined 'Power Rangers' Is Like 'The Dark Knight'

These days, when you hear the word reboot, it’s often followed by the word “gritty,” which is the adjective used as Hollywood’s shorthand to indicate to the audience that whatever property they’re dusting off is going to be taken Very Seriously. And while “gritty” hasn’t yet been used when talking about next year’s “Power Rangers,” the big-screen take on the colorful team of teenage heroes, according to one of the movie’s stars, it’s going to be Pretty Serious.

Chatting with Huffington Post, Bryan Cranston tipped his hat to Christopher Nolan‘s Batman movies as a comparison point for what moviegoers can expect when they buy a ticket to “Power Rangers,” a revelation that is certainly…surprising…

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“I wasn’t really high on it until I talked to the producer and read the script and talked to the director. After that I went, ‘This is different,’ ” he said. “This is as different a reimagining as the ‘Batman’ television series as it became the [‘Dark Knight‘] movie series. You can’t compare those two, and nor can you compare this movie version of the ‘Power Rangers’ to that television series. It’s unrecognizable for the most part. There are tenets of the folklore that you hold onto for sure, but the inspiration is different, and the sensibility of it, and the approach to the film making is completely different.”

Um, okay. Cranston does caution that since the movie is led by teens, the overall tone probably won’t be as dark as Nolan’s trilogy of movies, but does say it will get into all the complexities of being an adolescent…who has powers and fights space aliens or whatever.

Prepare for grit when “Power Rangers” opens on March 24, 2017. [via ScreenRant]