'Dark Matter’: Joel Edgerton & Jennifer Connelly Discuss Multiversal Sci-Fi Series, ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ Marvel & More [Bingeworthy Podcast]

In this week’s episode of Bingeworthy, our TV and streaming podcast host Mike DeAngelo ventures into another universe to discuss “Dark Matter.” The Apple TV+ series is based on the Blake Crouch book of the same name and follows a college professor who is abducted into an alternate universe and has to fight his way back to his old life and real family. The show stars Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Connelly, Alice Braga, Jimmi Simpson, and more.

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Joining Bingeworthy to discuss the mind-bending sci-fi thriller are two stars of the series, Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Connelly. During the interviews, Edgerton revealed what drew him to the series despite recent years being overstuffed with multiverse-related stories.

“There was a whole bunch of ingredients that made me want to say yes, on a story level, that the whole multi-universe or parallel universe narrative and concept felt cool,” Edgerton explained. “But partly because instead of superheroes, it’s like a regular family dealing with the multiverse, and so I always joked in a weird way that was like the multiverse for the middle-aged dude or for the bad dad, you know?”

“And in a super cool way, it asks questions that I ask of myself regularly, which is, all these choices I’ve made that led me to where I am today, what would have been if I’d gone another direction,” he continued. “And for me at the moment, because I’m so happy that I have kids that I love and my family’s like, you try taking me away from that, I will like [my character] Jason claw my way back. But I wonder how my choices may have led me away from my current destiny. And I’m reminded by the show of how being removed in an objective way from your life can make you start to see how much better it might be than you think it is when you’re in it. You have gratitude for it.”

The series is grounded by the amazing chemistry between Connelly and Edgerton; something Connelly attributes to a fruitful rehearsal period and her excellent co-star. 

“We read through the scenes, and we talked a lot together and with Blake [Crouch],” Connelly shared. “We talked about the scenes, talked about their relationship, brainstormed ideas about what to do, and then we were really aided by the fact that Joel’s just a fantastic actor—he’s so good. And I believe literally everything that he does, so that really meant a lot, and in doing this.”

Edgerton was also quick to heap praise onto Connelly’s work and talent, comparing working with her to the likes of “Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale.”

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“When you’re facing off with someone like Jennifer, you go, ‘All right, well, you’re going to make me better because I know your work to be truly great,” Edgerton shared. “The question always is the mystery of whether you get to sort of look under the hood in the sense of how your engine works. How do you do what you do? And I can only imagine by observation that she’s this perfect balance of supreme intelligence and incredibly intuitive. So she understands the story so well on an intellectual level, but then, at the moment, it is so present and instinctual that everything feels authentic. And so. It’s sort of a dream combination that I often find in the best actors that I get to witness.”

Fans of the Blake Crouch book already know that there is no follow-up book that checks back in with the lead character, Jason Dessen; however, Edgerton inferred that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a lack of hope for season two.

“I think there’d be no sense of spoiling anything to at least say that, from my point of view, and I know from Blake’s point of view and everyone involved’s point of view that we would be more than happy to keep exploring the characters and the world,” Edgerton said. “Of course, there are infinite possibilities of what that might be. Really, it’s about whether the audience is going to come along for the ride with us. So. I guess we sit and wait and see how this is received, and if it’s received well, then we go. I think it’s well worth an extra journey.”

The subject of Connelly’s 2022 mega-hit “Top Gun: Maverick” also came up during the interview—a part she received due to her outstanding performance in director Joseph Kosinski’s previous film, “Only The Brave.” Connelly was quick to note her experience and when she knew the movie was something special.

“I had worked with Joe Kosinski before — I had done a movie with him called ‘Only the Brave’, and I think he’s a great director,” she remarked. “I think that he’s able to sort of take on movies of a huge scale but retain the sort of human details and deals and in relationships and characters that really ground them, and so I thought that he was going to do a great job with ‘Top Gun.’ So I felt confident in that and, of course, Tom [Cruise], but when I saw the movie—I went to see a screening of the movie just with my family before it was released. They screened it for us, and my kids literally sat like—I’m not exaggerating, it’s like not a turn of phrase—they literally sat on the edge of their seats the whole movie, and I was like, ‘Oh, okay!’ They were like so in. So, that was when I thought the movie might really resonate with audiences.”

Connelly also said despite working in the industry, she had never worked with Tom Cruise before and his reputation as a hard-working, energetic actor who is always pushing everyone to be their best.

“I had never met [Tom Cruise] before. It was an incredible experience working with him—he’s extraordinary,” she exclaimed. “He’s able to do things that most people would never dream of attempting. It’s unbelievable. He’s a very skilled person, and I have so much admiration for his passion and enthusiasm for making movies and his dedication and his work ethic.”

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“Dark Matter” is available now on Apple TV+.

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