David Cronenberg Takes Acting Role In Sarah Polley's Netflix Series 'Alias Grace'

We kind of love of it when directors turn up giving acting performances. Whether it’s someone like Sydney Pollack or Spike Jonze, who virtually have side careers cropping up in other people’s films, or a more unexpected and occasional appearance like Francois Truffaut in “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” or Werner Herzog in “Jack Reacher,” it tends to give us a little meta-thrill every time.

As such, while we didn’t need more of a reason to get excited about Sarah Polley’s upcoming adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s acclaimed novel “Alias Grace,” the news from a press release that David Cronenberg will be playing a supporting role in the limited series has only got us more psyched for the project.

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The weirdo maestro isn’t a complete stranger to acting — he cameoed in a few of his own films, as well as movies like “To Die For,” and has had more substantial roles in films including “Nightbreed,” “Jason X” and “Last Night,” plus a two-part appearance on J.J. Abrams’ TV series “Alias.” But that he’s listed among the principal cast of the show, which will air on CBC in Canada and Netflix elsewhere, is kind of giddy-making.

The series, which Polley has adapted from Atwood’s novel about the true story of Grace Marks, who was convicted of killing her employer in 1843, will be directed by “American Psycho” helmer Mary Harron, and was already reported to be starring Sarah Gadon, Anna Paquin and Zachary Levi. Cronenberg’s just one of a few new additions joining the cast, including “London Spy” breakout Edward Holcroft, and, in an attempt to make this the most Canadian thing ever made, “Due South” star Paul Gross. Filming just got underway, and we’ll be able to see the nature of Cronenberg’s work, and how the show turns out, in 2017.