First Reactions To Martin Scorsese's 'Silence' Arrive, Plus Listen To The Full Score

Decades in the making, and a deeply personal project for Martin Scorsese, there is something slightly ill-fitting that the first critical responses to “Silence” have been shared on Twitter. But such is the age we live in that reactions to the director’s dramatic look at faith and the limits of belief should be reduced to 140 characters or less. Still, as one of the biggest films opening this month, it’s nice to get some indication of what we’re in for, and if these early takes are anything to go by, “Silence” is going to make a big noise.

While there are some dissenting notices about the 17th century-set drama starring Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, and Liam Neeson about Jesuit missionaries facing persecution in Japan, the ones who liked the film really liked it. I’ll leave its awards chances to others, but it looks like Scorsese has made a picture that might rank among the best of his career.

Check out the reactions below, and while you’re at it, cue up the score by Kim Allen and Kathryn Kluge at Paramount‘s For Your Consideration page for “Silence.” The pair don’t have much film work under their belt, but they are known in the classical music world, and this will definitely raise their profile.

You can also check out the fascinating supercut “God’s Point Of View” which collects Scorsese’s overhead POV shots, and lastly, the new U.K. poster for “Silence” has also landed.