'The Last Movie Stars' Exclusive Clip: Ethan Hawke's Doc Shows The Intimate Truth Of An Iconic Hollywood Marriage

Something that is often said about relationships is that unless you’re one of the people actually in the relationship, you will never understand it. We even hear this in the trailer for “The Last Movie Stars,” as Laura Linney says “that only the two that are involved know what binds that relationship together.” Normally, though, the only people looking at someone’s relationship under a microscope are one’s friends and family…unless you’re famous, then it’s the world. 

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With a bit of a scandalous start (it began as an extramarital affair), the relationship between Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward is one of the most famous and longest-lasting in Hollywood. They were both actors, they were passionate about their careers and each other, and they were happy. Or, at least, everyone thought they were. The truth of their relationship is about to be told in a six-part docu-series on HBO, thanks to their youngest child, Clea, who brought in Academy Award nominee Ethan Hawke to direct. 

Through lost transcriptions of interviews with Newman, Woodward, and those close to them, Hawke elicits his famous friends to bring this remarkable story to life. Those friends recruited to give us a front-row seat to an incredible legacy are Linney, George Clooney, Melanie Griffith, Sam Rockwell, Billy Crudup, Sally Field, Zoe Kazan, Karen Allen, Steve Zahn, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, and Oscar Isaac.

Martin Scorsese serves as executive producer for “The Last Movie Stars,” which premiered at the 2022 SXSW Film Festival followed by the Cannes Film Festival. Now, it will debut on HBO Max on July 21.

Ahead of streaming, please enjoy the exclusive clip below.