Jamie Bell May Reprise 'Jumper' Role For TV Reboot

For a few years, Doug Liman loosely kicked around the idea of making a sequel to “Jumper,” which you may have forgotten earned $222 million worldwide back in 2008. That feature followup never materialized, but last fall, Liman went to YouTube Red where he’ll be making “Impulse,” a series based on the novel written by Steven Gould, which follows the characters played by Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson (who will not be back), who have a young daughter who inherits her father’s teleportation ability. However, the original movie is getting dusted off with a cast member potentially returning.

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Jamie Bell is helping to produce a “Jumper” TV series, and may even reprise his role for the Studio Canal, New Regency and Lionsgate project. So, that would presume that this version will age up the characters a little bit if that’s the case. Working on the show along with Bell is Julian Simpson (“Doctor Who,” “Spooks“) so perhaps this will have some meat on the bone. And certainly the premise, which follows a teenager (or in this case, adult?) with teleportation powers, could use some padding.

No word yet on which network might pick this up, but if a “Jumper” TV show interests you, let us know in the comments section.