Marvel Studios Hires 'Picard' Showrunner To Develop New Vision Series For 2026

Did you know it’s been nearly two years since there were reports that Marvel Studios was developing a series surrounding the return of Vision, played by Paul Bettany. At the time, it was another series from “WandaVision” head writer, Jac Shaeffer, and seemed to be on the fast track to happening. But then, nothing. Not only did we not hear anything about the series for months, but there was also news that Disney CEO Bob Iger was quietly canceling Marvel projects behind the scenes. Well, apparently Vision lives!

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According to Variety, Marvel Studios has hired Terry Matalas to be showrunner of a new, untitled series about the hero Vision. Last we saw Vision, it was during the finale of “WandaVision,” where the Vision created by Wanda battled a new, all-white android version of the character. It ended with the White Vision getting the memories of the old Vision before flying off and not being seen again. Apparently, as you might expect, the new series will follow White Vision as he reckons with the events of the previous series and finding his place in the world. 

Not much else is known about the series at this time. The report claims that the Vision series is aiming to land on Disney+ in 2026. That would mean we can expect production to begin relatively soon to reach that deadline. 

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Matalas is probably best known as the showrunner of Season 3 of “Star Trek: Picard.” As the report suggests, Marvel Studios was very happy with his work on “Picard,” specifically the fact that he earned a WGA nomination for writing the finale. 

As for what happened to “WandaVision” creator Jac Shaeffer, it’s apparently not all that dramatic. She had to exit the Vision series to focus more on “Agatha All Along,” which is debuting later this year. So there doesn’t seem to be much drama there.