Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Creed’-Verse Might Include Anime Film, A Live-Action TV Series & More

By now, you’ve heard that the boxing drama “Creed III” has been a massive hit—the number #1 movie at the box office this past weekend, already over $110 million worldwide—and that’s been a huge boon to actor Michael B. Jordan, who not only stars in the franchise but made his directorial debut with the third film in this franchise. “Creed,” of course, is already a spin-off of the “Rocky” franchise. Still, Sylvester Stallone did not appear in “Creed III,” the second film was a kind of soft goodbye to the Rocky Balboa character—at least within this franchise—and “Creed” now stands alone on its own without any assistance.

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And by now, you’ve likely heard or read of Michael B. Jordan’s intentions to either do a “Creed IV” or spin-off things into what is being called the “Creed” -verse, aka spin-offs and an expansion of that franchise. There’s already been talk of a Drago” film spin-off, and now Deadline has more details of some of Jordan’s intentions now that the world is his oyster and he has a lot of heat.

So conversations are still ongoing according to the trade, some of them still at the exploratory stage, but here’s what’s being discussed at the moment. 1. An anime series connected to the “Rocky” spin-off IP is in the works. 2. A companion live-action TV series. 2. Also bubbling is a potential project centering on Adonis Creed’s daughter Amara, who was played by deaf actress Mila Davis-Kent in “Creed III,” who made her film acting debut in the picture.

In a recent interview, Jordan teased some of this, or at least the idea of “Creed” expansion, noting that “Creed IV” was “for sure” unless “Creed III” flopped (it did not) and then expressed his desire for more. “I just want to expand the Creed-verse within reason, but definitely expect other things around Creed for sure,” he said.

Could Stallone return down the line for “Creed” one day? It’s hard to say, and he’s been warring and calling out the franchise’s producer, Irwin Winkler, lately. Going all scorched earth can have long-lasting consequences, but who knows? Money gets people past their beefs in Hollywood.