Daniel Day-Lewis And Lesley Manville Have A Food Fight In 'Phantom Thread' Deleted Scene

Perhaps you didn’t realize going into a film about the intense relationship between a dressmaker and his muse that some of the best moments of the film involve food. As audiences soon realized, the film sure does love a good breakfast scene, including several over the course of the run-time. But it’s those scenes that really capture what makes “The Phantom Thread” one of the best films of the last year.

Recently, Entertainment Tonight got their hands on a deleted scene from the film, and as you might have guessed, it’s an extended version of one of the breakfast scenes. In the scene, Daniel Day-Lewis’ Reynolds and his sister Cyril, played by the incredible Lesley Manville have a confrontation that escalates into a full-blown food fight at the breakfast table.

“I hate you! How dare you do this to me! It’s my favorite dress,” Cyril says. “Good. I’d have hate to have done that to your second favorite one. It’d be a waste of tea,” says Reynolds, in a rare moment of defiance.

What makes the deleted scene such a treat is the clear fun the two actors were having. Over the course of the film, the interaction between these two characters is so tumultuous, that the fun on display during this scene is almost too out of character to be included in the finished cut of the movie.

Also, Daniel Day-Lewis has the reputation of being a unique actor to work with. And from first-hand accounts about his presence on set, he doesn’t necessarily strike you as the type of actor that would laugh it up on set during a food fight scene. But there it is, in all its glory for viewers to behold.

Perhaps, this scene was a form of catharsis for the actor. Due to his incredible work ethic and dedication to roles, Day-Lewis probably needs scenes like this to get out some of his frustration and laugh a little. Hell, you can even see the notoriously method actor actually break character for a second. It’s glorious.

This scene is being released in conjunction with the upcoming home video release of the Oscar-winning film. You can watch it below.