‘See How They Run’: Sam Rockwell On His New Murder Mystery, Matthew Vaughn’s ‘Argylle,’ & A Potential MCU Return [The Discourse Podcast]

In today’s episode of The Discourse, host Mike DeAngelo sets his sights on Searchlight Pictures’ latest release, “See How They Run,” with the star of the film, and Academy Award Winner, Sam Rockwell. In the film, Rockwell plays Inspector Stoppard, who, along with a rookie partner (Saoirse Ronan), must investigate a murder that just so happens to take place within a production of an Agatha Christie play. The often funny, meta-whodunnit film is directed by Tom George and also stars Ruth Wilson, Adrien Brody, David Oyelowo, Harris Dickinson, and more.

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During the chat, Sam Rockwell shared the reason he decided to take the role of Inspector Stoppard.

“It came through Fox/Searchlight, and I have a long relationship with them, and then I saw some of [director] Tom George’s show, ‘This Country,’ and talked to him, and it just seemed like, with the cast, and the script, a no-brainer.” Rockwell shared. “And [Tom George] was great. We had this rehearsal period, which is kind of unheard of for film…10 days rehearsing and sometimes shooting on video. Shooting scenes, improvising – and it was fun. It was like doing a play, a little bit.”

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And, of course, since Rockwell has played a fan-favorite Marvel character, Justin Hammer, who has yet to die or resurface in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the subject of a return inevitably arises. After being asked point-blank if he’d return to the MCU, the actor had a short and sweet response.

“Yeah, definitely,” Rockwell said. “I would be into that. [Thunderbolts] sounds cool…[Hammer’s] fun, he’s a real Lex Luthor.”

Rockwell can be seen next in director Matthew Vaughn’s latest spy movie, “Argylle,” which should hit theaters in 2023. And, while plot details have been slim, Sam Rockwell was happy to tease what audiences can expect.

“It’s a lot like ‘Romancing the Stone’ in one regard and the one with Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock [‘The Lost City’] – it’s in that vein,” Rockwell said. “Henry Cavill, Sam Jackson, Ariana DeBose, Bryan Cranston – it’s a big, really fun cast. It’s kind of romance, comedy, spy stuff.”

“See How They Run” will be released exclusively in theaters on September 16. You can listen to the entire conversation below:

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