‘Sicario 3:’ Josh Brolin Says Christopher McQuarrie No Longer Involved, Taylor Sheridan A Question Mark, But It’s Getting “Closer”

Exclusive: Prime Video’s excellent Western sci-fi series the “Outer Range” returns this May for a second season on Prime Video, and it’s as gripping and enigmatic as ever. Josh Brolin, the series’ star, recently stopped by our Bingeworthy TV podcast to discuss the new season, but given all the many secrets and spoilers of that show, we’ll save that conversation a little closer to its release (May 16 on Prime).

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In the interim, we spoke to Brolin about several related topics, including the still-gestating “Sicario 3,” which has been bubbling in the background for the last few months. In talking to the actor about the project, Brolin said the third “Sicario” installment— said to bring back the original cast of Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro, and himself—was getting “closer” to becoming a reality, but by the sounds of it, it’s quite ready to go yet.

“We are—we’re closer. Yes,” Brolin said, smiling like he knew something he couldn’t quite share yet. “Molly Smith, who is a really good friend, who is one of the producers of that on Black Label—I said something. I said, ‘It’s never gonna happen!’ and it kind of went everywhere. And she was very reactive, which I appreciated. I appreciate reaction. They’re very much focused on wanting it to happen, but we won’t let it happen until there’s a story interesting enough to want to spend that kind of money on it.” 

Where that story is at is unclear, but Brolin revealed that “Mission Impossible” filmmaker and screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie, who was once helping out on the project, is no longer involved. And original screenwriter Taylor Sheridan (“Yellowstone”), is a question mark.

“Chris [McQuarrie] was involved for a while, but he’s not now,” Brolin said. “And I don’t know about [Taylor] Sheridan. I know him really well, but I don’t know if he’s onboard or not.”

That’s all he would share, but we should note that original director Denis Villeneuve recently told us he would not be involved with “Sicario 3,” instead just rooting for it on the sidelines.

Brolin has really done an about-face on “Sicario,” admitting earlier this year that he turned down “Sicario” at first, several times, didn’t want to be a part of it, and was extremely nervous on set because he hadn’t figured out his character yet. Since then, he’s seemingly been one of its foremost champions and driving forces on the franchise, eager for part two, ‘Day of The Soldado,’ and the third installment.

While McQuarrie was seemingly working on or helping out on the screenplay—or perhaps working on cracking the story— from Brolin’s comments, it still sounds like the project isn’t quite ready yet, but fingers crossed it comes together soon. “Sicario” grossed nearly $85 million off a $30 million budget and has become a cult favorite ever since its sequel. Villeneuve did not return for the sequel, but Taylor Sheridan wrote it, and Stefano Sollima (the “Gomorrah” series) took over directing duties. It’s likely far too early to tell who will direct the third one.