Tilda Swinton To Work With Apichatpong Weerasethakul On Upcoming Film 'Memoria'

If you’re a film fan, but don’t enjoy the work of actress Tilda Swinton, then you’re obviously just wrong. For years, Swinton has become a true chameleon, starring in everything from indie dramas to superhero films. And as diverse as her IMDB page looks, according to the actress, there’s a method to her madness.

“I always choose the people first,” she said in a recent Independent interview. “I knew from the beginning that out of fellowship comes conversation and then comes the project.”

With that being said, it looks like Swinton has chosen her next person to collaborate with. According to the interview, she’s taking a part in the upcoming film by acclaimed Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Apparently, the actress has discussed the film “Memoria” with Weerasethakul for over a decade.

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“Memoria” is said to explore colonial history and how fear can manifest from collective memory. This marks the first collaboration between Swinton and the filmmaker. However, they’ve been friends for a long time and even curated the 2012 Film on the Rocks Yao Noi together.

But the interview also touched on some of Swinton’s personal philosophy. And to be honest, an interview with Swinton where she didn’t wax philosophical just wouldn’t be very fun, at all.

In discussing life and art, the actress says, “I don’t have much use of the word normal. I don’t know what it means. I only see the problems it causes people and to the same extent I think the word beauty is also problematic as it’s difficult to imagine anything not being beautiful.”

And if you needed any more reason to fall in love with Swinton, she says, “I feel more and more that nature is all we have. We are animals and freaks and monsters and the better and sooner we acknowledge that the happier we will be.” It’s these types of comments that have turned Swinton into the icon she is today.

The actress can next be seen as an animated dog in the upcoming Wes Anderson film, “Isle of Dogs.” She also has the highly-anticipated “Suspiria” remake from “Call Me By Your Name” director Luca Guadagnino, coming up later this year.